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Always front of mind
Committed to becoming a world-leading provider of mental health care services.
To help people maintain a good mental state and embrace a better life with sincere care and effective treatment.
Trust-worthy expertise
We have international standardized medical operation and R & D capability, scientific evaluation process, medical treatment process and rehabilitation follow-up system.
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Knowledge on self-growth
We offer integrated therapies and disseminate popular science knowledge to help people better overcome mental health challenges.
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Whole-process guidance
We stick to patient-centered medical services, provide personalized rather than streamlined treatment, and communicate with patients throughout the whole process.
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Supportive environment
The relaxing, calming design language and safe, supportive environment is also an important part of the support ecology. Click to see our patients' recovery stories.
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We provide world-class services
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Children aged 3-12
with learning disability, attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder and other general mental health problems
Adolescents/youth aged 13-24
with affective disorders (anxiety, depression, mania, etc.), internet and game addiction, hyperactivity disorder, eating disorder, etc.
Adults aged 25-64
with affective disorders (anxiety, depression, mania, etc.), sleep disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorder, internet and game addiction and other general mental health problems
News & Info
News List
January 2022
Mindfront Health Receives Pre-A Strategic Investment from Northern Light Venture Capital The Leading Global Mental Health Brand Accelerates Footprints in China
April 2021
Mindfront Health joined hands with VCBeat.Top to write “2021 White Paper of China Digital Therapeutics” (also known as the Whiter Paper)
November 2020
November 2020 Training sessions on "Mental Disorder Diagnosis and Treatment Techniques in China and Australia" Jointly Held by Mindfront and CSP Further Education Working Group officially kick off
November 2020
November 2020 Dr. Tanveer Ahmed Attended CSNP & the Fifth West China International Psychiatry Forum and Delivered a Speech